It is of paramount importance for your CV to convey the correct messages to a client upon first glance. A CV is “you” on paper and therefore every word, every sentence and every paragraph has to be carefully constructed to ensure that the employer is kept interested by your education, your experience and your skills.

To Do:
  • Make it brief, using short phrases

  • Use action verbs such as created, initiated, organised

  • Emphasise skills, strengths and accomplishments

  • List major awards, achievements and publications

  • Organise education and employment in reverse chronological order

  • Give attention to the attractiveness and clarity of your CV

  • Have your CV critiqued for style, impact and spelling

  • Consider the tone of your CV

  • Remove all personalisation: “I”, “me”, “my”, “we”

  • Check for consistency. Do all jobs listed include town/county and the location of the company? Are all job titles listed and underlined under the company name?

  • Check for formatting issues: spacing, awkward page breaks, margins too big/little, general presentation

  • Make sure contact details are clear and correct

Not To Do:
  • Make the cv longer than 2 pages

  • Use negative words

  • Include present salary or salary desired

  • Use abbreviations

  • Use common introductory phrases such as “My duties included” or “I was responsible for”

  • Sell yourself short

  • Include personal information (e.g. height, weight, marital status, no of children or religion)

  • Use fancy fonts or too many different fonts. Keep it simple. Your Cv should look clean

Please contact our Consultants at Oak Tree for more help on how to create that winning CV!
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